Capacity Building

Creative media concept takes pride in strengthening the Knowledge, skills, competencies, abilities and behavior of children, young people and vulnerable adults so they can overcome the causes of their exclusion in the society and counter emerging challenges

We implore modern methodologies focusing on human, scientific, technological, organizational, and institutional resource capabilities. The goal of capacity building is to tackle problems related to policy and methods of development, while considering the potential, limits and needs of the focus group in question.

  • Individual level – Capacity-building on an individual level requires the development of conditions that allow individual participants to build and enhance existing knowledge and skills. It also calls for the establishment of conditions that will allow individuals to engage in the “process of learning and adapting to a sustainable change.”To help achieve the end goal, CMC ensures that capacity building takes place on an individual level, an institutional level or the governance level dependent on case by case.
  • Institutional level – Capacity building on an institutional level involves closing the skill gap identified in pre-existing institutions by empowering them with knowledge that solidifies the institutions and help them attain the desired end goals. It does not involve creating new institutions, rather modernizing existing institutions and supporting them in forming sound policies, organizational structures, and effective methods of management and revenue generation and control.
  • Governance level -Capacity building at the governance level is aimed at supporting the establishment of a more “interactive public governance that learns equally from its actions and from feedback it receives from the population at large.” We use Capacity building to develop public governance that is responsive and accountable.

Creative media concept believes that capacity building is an approach to development based on the fundamental concept that all people have an equal share of the world’s resources and they have the right to be “authors of their own development and denial of such right is at the heart of poverty and suffering that are reflected in vulnerable cases.”

To be effective facilitators of capacity building, Creative media concept has an internal model that helps the associates/interns/contractors to participate in organizational capacity building first based on the following steps

  • ┬áConceptual framework-This helps our associate understand what we do so that they can deliver at their best.
  • Organizational attitude-This makes our associates active players with the ability to effect change and progress
  • ┬áVision and strategy– Drives the understanding of our vision and mission and what we seek to accomplish and the program we wish to follow in order to do so
  • Organizational structure-Defines a clear method of operating wherein communication flow is not hindered, each actor understands their role and responsibility
  • Acquiring skills and resources-Taping and developing talent

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Capacity Building