Research & Social Development

Creative media concept recognizes that it is imperative to invest in developing research and to use up-to-date relevant data to buttress its advocacy and demonstration work in sensitization of the public about the rights of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

We believe that without applied research into the advocacy perspectives of development that are specific to the constitutional rights context, planned development may be seriously compromised or even retarded.

It is therefore important to ensure that initiatives that target children, young people and vulnerable adults are based on facts and data-sensitive research and that they equip the public with relevant knowledge and skills that are responsive to the needs of citizens at individual, social, political and economic levels.The weakness of evidence-based interventions that target children, young people and vulnerable adults’ issues has led to a vicious circle in which many communities across Kenya continue to reproduce ignorant citizens, who in turn bring forth generations of vulnerable citizens, who also reproduce the roles of their parents.

Creative media concept has chosen research and content development as a key strategy to generate quality information on this regard. We continue to invest in quality research to provide policy makers, our partners and general public with reliable data and information through audio visual media approaches. The results of the various research studies are shared through documentaries, feature stories, capacity and capability building, stage plays, short films, training manuals, public forums and advocacy materials in mainstream media.

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Research & Social development