Strengthening Young People

Adolescents and youth together form a group referred to as “young people” that constitutes approximately 30% of the world’s population. Young people are the most vibrant, dynamic and energetic; and constitute the most valuable human resource that forms the foundation of future development of any nation. Yet a large majority of the world’s youth lives in countries with lower levels of well-being, which are evaluated by education, health, and economic opportunity and safety measures.

To achieve Sustainable Development Goals in an urbanizing world means investing adequately in humanitarian development and infrastructure. In Kenya, young people make up to 78% of the Kenyan population. Therefore this makes young people key role players in the sustainable development.

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 contains progressive provisions that should in essence enable the youth to live better and dignified lives. In particular Article 55  requires that the government undertakes affirmative action measures to ensure the youth have access to relevant education, training as well as  create and strengthen existing platforms for youth participation in political, social, economic spheres of life and legislate towards this end.

On the contrary however, young people in Kenya bear the brunt of the country’s social economic problems which include unemployment and, susceptibility to criminal behaviour and vulnerability to exploitation.

Against this background, CMC designs audio-visual media strategies to increase the understanding of young people regarding their rights and responsibilities provided for in the constitution. This includes dissemination of messages that encourage young people to take more responsibility to increase their representation in decision making processes.

Support Programme

We envision a world where all children, disadvantaged youth and vulnerable adults enjoy full community protection from abuse and exploitation.